single-box-optinWhat if you could change only one thing and your conversion rate would go up?

Dumb question.

If there was such a thing you would implement it immediately.

Well, there is.

The name box on your opt-in form.

Keep reading to find out why.


Asking for Less Means More Subscribers

Every test you can find has the same conclusion – the less information you ask the more subscribers you will get.

So instead of asking for a name and email you should use a single box opt-in (only email).

You don’t only have to take my word for it:


Neil Patel from Quick Sprout removed one field from his lead generation form and boosted his conversion rate by 26%.

Guys over at Copyblogger did a split test and found out that single box opt-in converted better. And… well, they liked it.

Norwegian beauty shop removed 3 form fields and increased customers registrations by 11%.

Another study where a 11 field form was replaced by a 4 field form and conversions increased 120%.


Asking people to fill out fewer fields boosts your conversion rate. Period. 

Why Personalization Is A Thing Of The Past

What about personalized emails?

People aren’t stupid. It’s 2013 – everyone has had email for years now.

Everybody gets 10 spam emails each day with their name in the title and on the first line.

We know that our  long lost relative didn’t really find us and doesn’t want to give us a huge heritage. And that the Nigerian prince really doesn’t want to transfer a large amount of money to our bank account.

It’s a scam!

People know this is a automated message and that you didn’t really write it personally to them.

Plus people often times don’t give their real first names anyway. Just go and check your Aweber account. I dare you.

You will see a ton of “asdf”, “bla”, “don’t want”, actual email address and many-many other silly things.

So each time you think you are sending them a super personalized and “relationship building” email that begins with “Hi asdf!”, the effect can be completely opposite.

PS: I sometimes use funny names and laugh each time I get an email like: “Dear Chewbacca rawwrrrr!”. You should try it. It’s great fun!

You should email your subscribers like you email your friends.

When was the last time you emailed one of your friends with “Dear Mark,” in the beginning anyway? Never.

People don’t communicate like that anymore. You shouldn’t speak to your subscribers like that as well.

Start your emails like you are speaking to a friend. What’s the first thing you say to your friends? “What’s up vanilla face?!” (Borat voice off).


PS: The guys over at Foolish Adventure did a split test and found out that non-personalized emails actually get a higher click-through rate.

Determine the Goal of Your List

Depending on the goal of your list you should choose the amount of information you need.

If you are starting out and your goal is to grow you list rapidly I suggest you use a single box opt-in.

If you don’t have a reason to ask your subscribers first name – don’t do it!

What If You Don’t Know What Information You need?

Again, then start only with the email. Always go with the single box opt-in at first.

You can always get more information later on – when the subscriber buys something from you or you add them to another list.

The most important part is that they are on your list and you can communicate with them.

Next Steps

1. Remove the name field from your opt-in form and compare the conversion rates between single box opt-in and name plus email opt-in combo.

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3. Already compared the conversion rates or have ideas about this? Let us know in the comments!

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